Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Unity

Github: https://github.com/N3evin/Dijkstra-Algorithm-Unity
Download: WindowOS

Created using  By using what I was taught while studying at Monash University, Algorithm and data structure. I had developed this application by using Unity 3D, by using C# programming language. This simple application is to demonstrate my implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm. I developed this application after I graduate from the University, to make sure that I still have the understanding of what was taught. Furthermore, the modules on the code allow me to reuse it in the future, for example, an RTS game or an MMORPG.

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During my semester at Monash University, I was tasked to design an application that uses leap motion and virtual reality to teach the concepts of programming. The topic that I chose was inheritance. This application created using unity was to teach inheritance concept uses in programming and games. The idea behind was that how clones objects in gaming inherited from an object, that allow easy manipulation of data.

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Building an FPS Game with Unity


ISBN 13: 9781782174806
Packt Publisher: https://www.packtpub.com/game-development/building-fps-game-unity
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Building-Game-Unity-John-Doran/dp/178217480X

The team in Packt Publisher had recently invited me to be a part of the team as a tech reviewer for this book. I was tasked to provide any feedback or edit any codes that are written in this book to improve the quality of the book and readability for the readers. It was a great experience for me to work with them and this book had an excellent introduction to building up an FPS game by using Unity 3D.

Dungeon Raid

I am trying to understand the concept of first-person shooter(FPS) by creating a concept similar to elder scrolls where is based on first-person view role-playing game style. I also tried to make a simple pathway system and AI system where monster attack if the player is within a certain range. It also shows a simple environment interaction and item pickup.

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The Adventures Of Mr Late V0.5


This game is done in unity 3D. Is my final year project for my final year of my polytechnic life. Which also help me land an industry attachment with Panasonic Aviation to help further improved and implement the game into Singapore Airline in-flight game.

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Nightbox warrior.


My very first FPS game, where i tried working out shooter collision. As i had problems with collision bugs from previous games. I also tried to learn to make a mini-map into the game. Not to mention a simple point and score system and monster walked to player location. I am also trying out to place lighting in this game.

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Destroyed V0.5


Our first unity 3D game, which helps kick start my love and interest for doing 3D game. The whole idea was to reduce the population to “zero” without any building reaching 100% repaired.

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