Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Unity

Github: https://github.com/N3evin/Dijkstra-Algorithm-Unity
Download: WindowOS

Created using  By using what I was taught while studying at Monash University, Algorithm and data structure. I had developed this application by using Unity 3D, by using C# programming language. This simple application is to demonstrate my implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm. I developed this application after I graduate from the University, to make sure that I still have the understanding of what was taught. Furthermore, the modules on the code allow me to reuse it in the future, for example, an RTS game or an MMORPG.


  1. Select the node you desired starting point.
  2. Press “Set Start Node” button
  3. Select another node as your desired target.
  4. Press “Set End Node” button
  5. Press “Find Path” to display the shortest distance.
  6. You could also select “Disable Node” to disable a node to block the path.


Future Plan:

  • Generated nodes procedurally in a grid.
  • Multiple selections of nodes with mouse drag.
  • Improve the algorithm by using min-heap.



Algorithm results
Multiple selections of nodes using mouse drag

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