AmiiboAPI Partnering for Data Pipeline Competition 2021

AmiiboAPI is an API partner for the Data Pipeline Competition 2021, August 12-16! Compete to build the most interesting data pipeline. Winners receive $10,000 in prizes!
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I was part of this project as a back-end engineer to develop the API, database, and infrastructure of, while I am currently working in Yolo Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore.


  • Develope using PHP Lumen framework.
  • Uses AWS as our cloud platform for hosting our services. (RDS, EC2, and etc)
  • Multiple microservices working together.
  • Search system using ElasticSearch Service (ESS)
  • Uses Elastic Beanstalk as part of our scalability infrastructure.
  • Simple Queue Services (SQS) for our queues needs such as sending of emails.
  • Uses WebSocket for our chat system.
  • Docker for quick deployment.

Yolo Technology Corporate Website


The website was designed with HTML (Bootstrap), CSS and Javascript. While working in yolo technology, I was tasked to create their website. The design was given by our designer.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Unity

Download: WindowOS

Created using  By using what I was taught while studying at Monash University, Algorithm and data structure. I had developed this application by using Unity 3D, by using C# programming language. This simple application is to demonstrate my implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm. I developed this application after I graduate from the University, to make sure that I still have the understanding of what was taught. Furthermore, the modules on the code allow me to reuse it in the future, for example, an RTS game or an MMORPG.

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WeatherPi – A raspberry pi weather application


Created using python3 with Tkinter, the application uses Yahoo weather API to retrieve weather information of the location that the user desired. This project was created as I had a raspberry pi lying around and my bedside clocked had recently been broken. Therefore, I purchased a 3.5 inch LCD screen for the raspberry pi to use it a bedside clock. Due to the limitation of the screen, I could not add any more information, such as hourly weather forecast.

Discord’s Bot NurseJoy

A customized discord’s bot that was created for Pokemon Singapore. It is used to store and display Nintendo 3DS and/or Nintendo Switch friend’s code with the use of chat commands. It was written in python with as it’s discord API. SQLite was chosen as the database due to budget constraint. However, since the query is similar to MySQL, it could be easily modified and changed to MySQL when I have the necessary budget.


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AmiiboAPI – A RESTful API for Amiibo


A side project that I decided to take up during my free time and coded this in python. The core idea of this work was to allow me to set up a backend where games could connect to the database via web services. Thus, I decided to use my free time to study up on the different type of web services and study about RESTful API. Which led me to create a centralized Amiibo database for its NFC information as a mini project instead of a game, which also allows me to portray my first idea.

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During my semester at Monash University, I was tasked to design an application that uses leap motion and virtual reality to teach the concepts of programming. The topic that I chose was inheritance. This application created using unity was to teach inheritance concept uses in programming and games. The idea behind was that how clones objects in gaming inherited from an object, that allow easy manipulation of data.

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Building an FPS Game with Unity


ISBN 13: 9781782174806
Packt Publisher:

The team in Packt Publisher had recently invited me to be a part of the team as a tech reviewer for this book. I was tasked to provide any feedback or edit any codes that are written in this book to improve the quality of the book and readability for the readers. It was a great experience for me to work with them and this book had an excellent introduction to building up an FPS game by using Unity 3D.

Motorbike Toy Model


This is my very first 3D model that i did with Autodesk Maya. Currently i am studying foundation of 3D and i hope that with practice i could improve my 3D skills.

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