Discord’s Bot NurseJoy

A customized discord’s bot that was created for Pokemon Singapore. It is used to store and display Nintendo 3DS and/or Nintendo Switch friend’s code with the use of chat commands. It was written in python with discord.py as it’s discord API. SQLite was chosen as the database due to budget constraint. However, since the query is similar to MySQL, it could be easily modified and changed to MySQL when I have the necessary budget.

Website: https://nursejoy.xyz/

NurseJoy database had been moved to MariaDB/MySQL (22/06/2018)

NurseJoy becomes a public bot. (08/04/2019)

NurseJoy is trending in https://discordbots.org/ (13/04/2019)


    1. N3evin

      Hi, thank you for your support. Currently, I am not planning to expand the amount of code that NurseJoy allows. Furthermore, NurseJoy was built for Pokemon. Maybe in the future, I could create one for it. Thanks for the idea.

  1. Nick

    I like what you have here. I’m wondering if I can pin a welcome message for a Pokemon go server I’m building, instructing users to get started using your bot. Ideally it would be a simplified help message from the bot, so a user could message the bot directly from there to get set up and request codes without cluttering up the designated instruction channel.

    Ive also noticed that after requesting a code, you can’t copy/paste the message. At least not on mobile, which is where pogo players would be using discord. I’d like to buy you a coffee if you’re able to change that, and if you have any ideas on a way to streamline the use of nurse joy for a pogo group.

    1. N3evin

      That’s the limitation on mobile. I was hoping they can patch it. Qr system has been implemented. So feel free to use that instead for quick adding of friends on pogo 🙂

  2. donut

    Would it be possible to add a command that lists everyones FC? Would be really useful for smaller servers 🙂

    1. N3evin

      I can’t, because people will abuse in larger server. Furthermore, I do not have the server capacity do such task right now. So I am keeping nursejoy as simple as possible. Nevertheless, thank you for you feedback 🙂

  3. a

    hi! is the bot open source? i was mostly interested because i was thinking of cloning it and just making it support alt accounts for a private server where many people on our server has alts. if not open source then i was wondering if you’d be interested in adding support for alts for the switch anyway since making new accounts on the switch is pretty easy, especially if only a few people use a family plan together. anyway, thanks in advance!

    1. N3evin

      Hi! thank you for your feedback. The bot is not open source and I am currently do not have any plans to allow multiple code for switch. But I will add that in the backlog 🙂

  4. Nubob

    Hi N3evin! Love your Bot… really.

    Did you ever consider add a command that allows the admin register a friend code from another member?
    Many users don’t understand our instructions, this could help us a lot..
    Something like !fc set switch-xxxx-xxxx-xxx @(mention)

    Thanks for ur time..

    1. N3evin

      Hi, thanks for the feedback, but I have not consider adding such command into nursejoy. But I will add it to the backlog for the future.

  5. akchy

    Hello! Thank you for creating such a helpful bot – I wanted to know if it was possible to add a function to store an in-game name since many people’s switch names differ from discord name and it would be helpful to determine who the friend is online.

    1. N3evin

      Hi, I glad nursejoy had help with your community. However, currently, I have no plans for adding more function to nursejoy. But I will sure remember once I had the time to get back to it.

  6. Thor

    Hello it seems like that Nurse Joy is not responding when we are logging-in our Cafemix Friend Code. Thank you!

  7. Leo.

    Using Nurse Joy bot in a server and she was working fine on the 27th of May but since then has completely stopped working, tried everything to fix it but nothing is working.

    1. N3evin

      Hi, it had been stated on nurse joy site that she will no longer be available and retired on 31 May 2022

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