During my semester at Monash University, I was tasked to design an application that uses leap motion and virtual reality to teach the concepts of programming. The topic that I chose was inheritance. This application created using unity was to teach inheritance concept uses in programming and games. The idea behind was that how clones objects in gaming inherited from an object, that allow easy manipulation of data.


Download: Window OS

Working on this application has lots of challenges. Leap motion’s Orion SDK was what I had used for this build as it had better precision compared to the older SDK and Leap motion is pushing Orion as the next system. Thus, not much tutorial or help are available online. However, I had managed to implement the new hand interaction engine. The new UI Input module that was integrated with Unity was my choice of UI engine since it is much easier to program around it.

Overall, creating this application was a new experience for me in handling Virtual reality spaces. There are many things to look out for, such as Diegetic Interfaces; where interface are in the gaming environment for the user’s character to see and the amount of space available for movement when the device was placed on the table.

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