The Adventures Of Mr Late V0.5


This game is done in unity 3D. Is my final year project for my final year of my polytechnic life. Which also help me land an industry attachment with Panasonic Aviation to help further improved and implement the game into Singapore Airline in-flight game.

Download: Window OS

School Article: Link

Gameplay Video:


31st May 2011
– Added Placeholder for the player running/walking animation.
– Added plane for obstacles.
– Added Walls
– Added Floors
– Adjust Camera View (2.5 dimensions)
– Introduce increasing of speed.
– Decrease speed when hit obstacles.
– Spawn fixed an amount of obstacle at the start of the game.
– Added sliding from left to right and vice versa.
– Added Jumping
– Could only move left and right when on ground.
– Added Distance GUI
– Added Speed GUI

2nd June 2011
– Added Collision detection for sliding.
– Press “down key” to slide.
– Increase max speed from 10 to 20.
– Added Time GUI.
– Added “Finished” and “You Lose” GUI when the timeout or the player reached the finish line.
– Added Jumping SFX.
– Added Background Music.
– Added Clicking SFX.

3rd June 2011
– Optimize rendered materials on obstacle plane.
– Added Quit, retry and paused button.

7th June 2011
– Added “sliding’” animation.
– Added glass panel placeholder. *Known Bugs*
– Latency in sliding.

V 0.2
9th June 2011
– Added level selection scene.
– Added Current Score for individual level.
– Added globe (Earth).
– Added cube (Pin placeholder).
– Added rotation for the globe.

12th June 2011
– Improve rotation for the globe(No longer jerking).
– Added Sparks when sliding.
– Added Smoke when player runs above 60km/hr.
– Added Jumping animation when jumped.
– Added Win and Lose Animation.
– Added Score, time bonus and distance calculation and GUI.

18th June 2011
– Added High score in selection level scene.
– Added Stars Achievement in the game system.

19th June 2011
– Added locked system for each level. (Must win before you can go to next level).
– Re-calculate time up system.

21st June 2011
– Fixed wall overlapping bug.
– Added placeholder texture for background.
– Tweaked 1st level star, requirement score.
– Tweaked Distance looping error after game end.

22nd June 2011
– Player able to walk through the wall if the speed is fast enough.
– Walk through the finish flag.

25th Jun 2011
– Added pins model.
– Added floor sign model on the puddle.
– Added granny model.
– Added 2 guys with 1 glass panel model.
– Change resolution from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 768.
– Change the type of system to spawn floor.
– Tweaked 2nd level star system.

28th June 2011
– Added instruction screen.
– Added keyboard mapping for returning to level selection.

4th July 2011
– Added globe texture
– Added player running animation (new model).
– Added player tripping animation (new model).
– Added player sliding release animation (new model).
– Added player sliding pressed animation (new model).
– Added player win and lose animation (new model).

V 0.3(Revamp)
12th July 2011
– Fixed ray casting bug (collision).
– Added walking granny.

14th July 2011
– Added Scanner Machine(finish flag).
– Added walking granny in 3 different directions (south, east and west)
– Fixed jumping animation while running bug.
– Added “jungle juice” fonts to the game system.
– Added background when the game end (Total Score showed).
– Added Stars for 0,1,2 and 3 GUI.

15th July 2011
– Added PS3 controller images for granny.

16th July 2011
– Changed controller system to PS3 controller.
– Added PS3 controller for instruction page.
– Added NEW paused image (PS3 controller).

18th July 2011
– Added NEW background for gameplay.

21st July 2011
– Added NEW background.
– Changed player character model.
– Swap Animation to new animation.
– Added scaffold obstacle.

23rd July 2011
– Added extra men in the level.
– Added extra women the level.
– Added texture for the extra.
– Animation of the extras
– Completed level design for level 1

V 0.4
24th July 2011
– Completed level design for level 2.
– Completed level design for level 3.
– Improve controller system in level selection scene.
– Change the direction of the puddle of water.
– Changed Jumping Animation.
– Changed sliding Animation.
– Added Win and Lose Animation.
– Added fast running animation.
– Changed swapping lane system.

27th July 2011
– Changed background wall design
– Added chairs and plant to improve environment design.
– Added departure gate for each departure section.
– Added Security Scanner for every departure gate.
– Changed flooring design.
– Changed distance to Gate’s Left.
– Change globe design.

28th July 2011
– Solved paused bug.
– Bug: Collision issues.

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