Destroyed V0.5


Our first unity 3D game, which helps kick start my love and interest for doing 3D game. The whole idea was to reduce the population to “zero” without any building reaching 100% repaired.

Download: Window OS


V 0.1
– Added human movement. (Left, right, front and back)
– Added spawn point under the building.
– Added Button for summoning disaster. (Green Plane)
– Added Population Count. (Not accurate)
– Added camera, free mode when the spacebar is pressed. (Perspective and orthographic)
– W, A, S, D for camera movement in free mode.
– Added Skybox.
– Added terrain and sea.
– Human change direction when they are 5-axis in front of the disaster.
– Added Meteor.
– Added Light for shadow purposes.
– Added AOE ring. (Used sphere)
– Added timer countdown for the building when destroyed.
– Added cooldown timer for Meteor GUI button.
– Added boundary for human walking.

V 0.2
– Bug Solved: Human facing direction when changing direction.
– Added 18 extra building. (19 building total)
– Added Score.
– Added flame particles on the meteor.
– Changed Meteor Model.
– Added Twister GUI Button and cool down timer for Twister GUI Button.
– Added Twister and Twister Animation.
– Added Human model and animation for human walking.
– Bug Solved: Population count is accurate.
– Improvement: Human spawning when population less than 100.
– Changed AOE ring sphere) to a circle ring.
– Improvement: Increase score per human killed.
– Added button for retry and paused. (Top right-hand corner)
– Added human speed up when the saw any disaster in front of them. (Prepared for running animation)

V 0.3(Test Play Begin)
– Added running animation, when they are facing any disaster.
– Added high score, Win And Lose GUI.
– Change fonts for the game.
– Added dying animation when human get killed my meteor.
– The population is now counting by percentage.
– Added texture for meteor and twister button.
– Increase the time for building repair rate as the population decrease.
– Tornado kills added dead animation when human.

V 0.4
– Added Main Menu.
– Added High Score scene.(Display High Score and Scored Per Game)
– Make AI Dumber, easy for gameplay.(AI tend to knock onto building and one another)
– Changed apartment model and added new materials.


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